Spectuation around Dundas St West and Runnymede Rd NW corner

Dundas St West at Runnymede Rd
Dundas St West at Runnymede Rd

Is the North West corner of Dundas St West and Runnymede Rd in a very early 1st step for development? A current application before the city would seem to indicate this.

A application to change a zoning amendment seeks to remove the site-specific by-law that pertains to the site. The city will consider the application at the next Etobicoke York Community Council – Meeting 23 – January 13, 2009.

excerpts from the staff report..

A Final Report and a Public Meeting under
the Planning Act, to consider this
application, is targeted for the second
quarter of 2009,

The property was the subject of a previous rezoning application, which implemented sitespecific
By-law No. 2157-75 that applies to the site. The purpose of By-law No. 2157-75
was to define what particular commercial uses would be permitted, and limit the height of
the buildings. Some of the listed uses included professional offices, library, service or
repair shops, commercial school, artist’s studio, and restaurants.

The property is zoned Commercial Employment (CE), and By-law No. 2157-75 in
addition to By-law No. 2837-77, applies to the site. Permitted uses within CE zones
include industrial uses, offices, restaurants, recreational uses, in addition to limited retail
use provisions, and a private club.

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