Junction Toronto West Diamond grade separation – how long?


Junction Toronto West Diamond grade separation facts from the Daily Commerical news article here and our reasearch. 

number of  foundation contractors 2

their names Bermingham Foundation Solutions   Anchor Shoring & Caissons Ltd.

18 months  installing foundation walls along the approximately one-kilometre route

excavation of the material between the three pile walls is  by a different contractor later in the project schedule.
project  finished 2011.
the below grade corridor  will allow east-west double CN rail lines to pass underneath double north-south CPR railroad lines lines instead of crossing them, as has been the case thoughtout the history of the Junction area.
what using to make the walls
36-inch diameter steel piles (for this post for a link to an engineering report discussing the projects) …..driven into the ground e by two 165-ton crane mounted hammers  set to a depth ranging from 30 to 70 feet


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