Menegon Khal The Troubadour Thursday March 5, 2009 9pm

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That had a good long… long-standing dry status, which was lengthened by the communities fear of what would come in with the liquor. It probably would not have been so long if people new places such as  The Troubadour could have been foreseen. This establishment puts a lot of interesting items on it’s entertainment bill and many people like the food and community air in the place.

…and they also provide work for the local festival director between festivals

Richard Khal and

Michael Menegon (festival guy)

are playing at this great little bar on Dundas West called The Troubadour ( just west of High Park, a few doors east of Quebec Ave. on the south side of Dundas West)  It’s very cosy and warm and seats about 25 people.

The Troubadour Thursday March 5, 2009 9pm It is free.

no picture? they did not send one,  that is the performers didn’t

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