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So this is the Junction! With this post the blog starts a new feature with a new author, sonnyphono – a reader of the blog who wrote himself up a brief for some posts he’d like to do, we are only too glad to provide him the post slots, thanks sonnyphono.

Empty Storefront
Empty Storefront


This storefront just south of the Green P parking lot at  Keele St  and Vine Ave  has been empty for the last 4+ years.  The inside has been cleaned out, a fresh coat of paint on the exterior and even a window washing.  Coming soon?

Studio Red 2880 Dundas St. West
Studio Red 2880 Dundas St. West

I stopped in at Cool Hand Of A Girl to inquire about their new neighbour
to the east “Studio Red”.  I was told it was a film/photography studio but
I can’t find any information online.  Studio Red is just across the street
from the old McBride Motorcycle lot.

Post and photos by sonnyphono


Does anyone know what is happening to Channel Zero (north side of Dundas, just west of Cool Hand)? They're a great addition to the street. But, for months they've kept their storefront boarded-up. It looks like the construction is over. So, what responsibility do they have to take this down?


I work in television and I can tell you that they are currently hiring for a few positions. I think they're nearly done with the reno but not quite yet. They moved into the space during winter and I'm sure in the next month we'll see a change to the storefront.

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