City report spells out upcoming road repair problems – much worse

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A new City report  spells out that there is an upcoming wave of infrastructure built in the 1950’s and 1960’s, as the suburbs expanded, that is coming due for rehabilitation, which is exclusive of the defined level of backlog of road repairs necessary today.

What the report writer is saying here is that are really two streams of need here, one – the backlog; really work undone when needed, and known roads and sewers that are going to need repair.

As everyone know the roadways in this city are in an unacceptable state, even if as the report states in comparison to other cities they are considered in a good state. Considering the City of Toronto has a   current situation of not having enough money to fund the required  roadwork, there needs to be a strong and particular effort to find innovative measures.

Quote from article in today’s {March 16th 2009} Toronto Star

Another 271 workers to design and oversee such new capital works projects as the Spadina subway extension, the Transit City streetcar network plus rehabilitation of major roads and bridges. link to full story

City of Toronto Web page describing how they maintain roads [Link}

  • BU47.5 – State-of-Good-Repair Backlog for Road Repairs
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    State of Good Repair Backlog for Road Repairs
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