Rally Draws CBC, The Villager, and Residents, but Go keeps its distance

Photo Credit, Lado Soudek atelierone(at)yahoo.ca

About 30 people (as well as police and a VIA Train and Go Train Truck who were parked in the distance) showed up to the rally in protest of the constant pile-driving that’s been taking place from morning to afternoon, and causing many headaches in the Keele/Dundas area.  MPP Cheri DiNovo (speaking to the crowd) had spoken to Go Transit and, at their request, arranged a meeting with her and five representative members of the community to discuss the issue.  Ms DiNovo didn’t say who those members were, but Go Transit didn’t show up, anyway.  Though, when she then contacted the media and resident Jon Brooks and others made numerous phone calls and distributed flyers, and the CBC began reporting on the issue hourly, broadcasting the repetitive, deafening pounding, Go Transit requested another meeting with Ms. DiNovo.  But, she said, she decided it was too late for that, and she called this rally on Hook Avenue, in the foreground of the machinery in question.  Granted, Go Transit had arranged for the pile-drivers to stop by then, but that didn’t stop these concerned residents and MP Gerard Kennedy (to DiNovo’s left) from showing up.  The next step?  Mr. Kennedy stated that the Canadian Transit Authority has rules about the amount of noise that can be made, and thanks to the fact that local residents put complaints on the record at least 60 days prior, he’s going to pursue that avenue, after seeing how another meeting went today.  Also, there are conflicting reports about whether new-technology, quiter equipment was available for use by Go Transit.

So, the pile-driving was stopped for a few hours around the rally, and residents at this rally were left with a promise from the attending politicians that they would not let the issue rest.  They now have the weekend to ponder whether Monday will bring back what Jon Brooks described as “Chinese Water Torture”.

CBC Article

Globe and Mail article link

Toronto Star Link as provide by David in the comment section of this post , Thanks David


Funny how you remove dissenting comments again by revising the story, and not including the original replies!!! Reaaaaaaaaaalllllll crafty….. suprised someone is paying close attention?

NIMBYism is alive and well in the Junction…. and people, you moved to "The Junction"…. where do you think the name came from?????????

PS. Read the replies to The Star's article….. see a common theme? "Grin and Bear it"….

Are you referring to our placing of David link in his comment – it's simply a link to a story that provides an insight.

It seems that they are comments in support of the residents emerging. They deserve our support. In all this time I haven't heard anyone opposed to the tunnel, yet they're already being called NIMBYs by some who left comments. For shame.

I was at the Rally yyesterday. MP Gerard Kennedy and MPP Cheri Dinovo spoke to the crowd outside 18 Hook before they went to meet with GO officials at the Library.
What I saw and heard:
1 Kennedy and Dinovo, standing there on the pavement, agreed that the noise and vibrations are Absolutely Insupportable and Must Be Stopped. Kennedy said that the Canada Transport Act may have to be invoked.
2 Individual people from Neighbourhood groups from up and down the railway tracks were there. They are increasingly concerned about GO's plans but are not in touch with one another yet.
3 The Weston Community Coalition has been wrestling with GO for two years. They actually got GO to to put a station stop in Weston. Otherwise ,the trains would have just barrelled throughl leaving them to eat the diesel with no access to the train.
The ultimate plan is to make this the busiest rail line on the planet.
5 Cheri Dinovo's disappointed face when she came out of the meeting with GO.
The GO officials sneaked out the back of the library.

When has the Junction not been noisey? Perhaps some of the residents complaining are ready to move to the country and enjoy the sounds of the wild. I live in the area and I hear the noise too but I know its for the good of the neighbourhood, city and province. When your neighbours renovate their houses do you complain about that noise too?

Come on people, lots of other more important issues to rant about in the area. I think the turnout of only 30 people should tell you something…. "Suck it up. It'll be over soon"

thanks Gloria K. I have corrected it, and have emailed Louis the posts author to do so to in the future

Agree with this statement, The Junction is actually quiet now as compared to the 50's 60's and 70's, even 10 years ago the CPR railway repair show made huge amounts of heavy banging noise, that vibrated nearby houses.

I think the main point is this: residents complained, Cheri DiNovo approached Go, and Go basically ignored her. If they were generally more open to discussion with the community, then this wouldn't be news. If there was public consultation about how noisy it would be before they started, people wouldn't feel ambushed, or could have prepared for it, or could have worked out a schedule with Go for when the noise would be made. We all want a better city, and everyone is prepared to put up with inconveniences for the cause. But people also need to be respected. That being said, maybe there was public notification of the noise, and I missed it. P.S. Sorry about the tagging.

No one is opposed to the railroad grade separation. So this is not NIMBYism. The issue is that there does exist silent technology that could do the job equal to the piledrivers being currently used. However GO didn't obtain any quotes on that technology at all. The local community affected by the piledrivers was not communicated beforehand by GO as to how disruptive the piledrivers would actually be, nor were people informed as to how long they would be used for (turn out 16 months). Now there is loss of work, loss of sanity, loss of property value and property damage to foundation of these old houses because of the piledrivers…..The community outrage is justified but it is aimed at changing the technology being used. With the support of the politicians and the media, there is a hope the technology can be changed to the silent technology and many of these issues would go away, the work would be completed and life can go on.

I don't understand everyone complaining about the "noise." I'm home everyday, and ya, it's noisy, but it doesn't go on ALL DAY. A couple of hours a day… sometimes not at all. How is this causing a loss of work? Loss of property value? or damaage to foundations? I would like to see some proof to these wild accusiations. Also, I'm sure there are "silent methods" that can be used but at what cost? We're in a recession here people… how can you possibly expect them to stop what they're doing, bring in the "silet equipment" and start again? I guess some people can't look at the bigger picture.

The bigger picture is, in a nutshell, -word removed- it up. Trains have been here since 1884, all of the members of any community coalition have not. You moved into an area that is a rail corridor, and complain about the implications of rail activity, looking at any possible angle (sound, vibrations, environmental implications…) ANYTHING to make your case. Simply put, you don't have one. Suck it up, or move.

I wonder why so many (or is it the one) troll(s) are attracted to this thread.
the troll seems very excited
perhaps it is excited delirium.
having said this, I will not feed this troll.

I would love to know where all the posters who say 'Suck it up' live? In response to Heather who posted "Loss of property value? or damaage to foundations? I would like to see some proof to these wild accusiations." I have damage to my house, it was either cause by the banging or magic fairies? Which do you think is more likely?
The arguement that it was too expensive to look at silent construction methods as we are in a recession is, well, crap. This is a joint goverment project years and years in the making. When these choices were made and monies allocated the country was not in a economic downturn.
I knew when I moved into my house I lived near the train and therefore had to accept some noise and such because of that. I never expected my house to be damaged because of them.

In response to Heather "we're in a recession here people" – Ya exactly!!! I purchased a small commercial building 1 1/2 years ago to operate a small photography business and reside in. My partner and I have painstakingly renovated the building only to open up for business to this noise. To help subsidize our business (and commercial taxes) we planned on sharing the studio with another photographer as well as offering the studio out for daily rental. Well how do you think that's working out for us? So now we're in a recession and we don't have a studio buddy to help with overhead. I certainly don't like the noise (which I'm willing to tolerate personally) but I do have an issue when it infringes on my livelihood. Would you consider this a wild accusation?

I know this is an old thread but I had to comment.
I live in the area and I would actually put up with the noise if I thought there was a happy ending.We are for progress and in fact I heard about a tunnel connecting the subway and GO and I thought that was good.
Yes ,we live in the Junction and for that you accept the number of trains that rumble through.This area was starting to turn around.The NRI has moved away from Symington and I actually thought hey this might be okay.I no longer choke when I go outside.What terrifies me now is the prospect of living beside what will be one of the busiest rail lines in the world. The was not what you bought when you moved into the district.Sell the house?Oh yes,buyers will listen to the pile drivers and line up with offers.Is someone going to make up the difference in my house value.As someone noted I am sure those Suck it up are not directly affected.I never hear birds anymore.They can fly away.

I work out of my home.I can no longer talk on the phone.Those Suck it up people will surely let me come to their home to work. So now what do I do?
I guess when my house is foreclosed I won't have to worry anymore.

No one has edited this post since March 29th and then corrected a spelling mistake. The comments have been touched, if you want to make a claim and have it attended too be specific or you simply lose your validity.

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