Junction Earth Hour Walk Draws 70 to 200. Reports vary.


Lantern Making
Lantern Making

Spirits were high at the BMO parking lot last night from 6pm until 8:30pm when the Earth Hour walk began, ending at around 9:15pm.  Thanks to residents who brought their own cans, we were only about 5 short for people who actually wanted to make one.  Thanks to Agora Cafe who showed up with Fair Trade Organic Hot Chocolate and baked goodies.  Sorry to the gentleman who cut his finger and didn’t know how. 

Kids, adults and the elderly formed a line that at one point stretched from Big Daddy’s DVD Shop to Pacific Avenue, with few gaps in between.  The route took us East on the south side of Dundas to Indian Road, across the crosswalk and West again on the North side of Dundas, crossing at the St. John’s intersection for a regroup in front of a dark Councillor Saundercook’s office (he was later spotted walking and running in the Bloor West walk).  Then, we walked down St. John’s to Runnymede, south to the crosswalk south of Annette where we

Janet Speaks to Crowd
Janet Speaks to Crowd

regrouped again to enter the Runnymede United Church en masse.  It was a pleasure to see the people in Curry Twist and the Friendly Thai and Axis eating and listening to live music  by candlelight, and seeing all the dark houses along St. John’s and Runnymede.  Shame on Shox for keeping its lights on, though it was good to watch some of the game on one of its 20 TVs as we walked by, and sorry to the businesses that turned out their lights that I haven’t mentioned.


Cheri DiNovo Canvas bags, some food I didn’t eat and can’t comment on, and delicious chocolates from Delight were handed out at the church where the three walks converged.  Chris Holcroft of Green 13 should be commended for taking the lead in organizing the walks, and I’m sure he has many people to thank himself – maybe on Green 13’s Blog.  Janet McKay, Green committe for the JRA, and Rita Bijons of Green 13, spear-headed the Junction walk and the BIA was there unnofficially since it’s not allowed to participate in political events, which Cheri DiNovo’s and Gerard Kennedy’s presence at the reception caused it to be.

The Junction should darn well be proud of its turn-out.  I thought, m’self, that it were’s about 70 – 100 people, while others swear it were upwards of 200.  I’m a poor judge of crowd numberin’, so I’ll err on the high side. 

P.S. Please provide your opinion on the vernacular in the last paragraph and whether it should be a Junctioneer standard.


Why did they do it out of the BMO parking lot? What was wrong with using the community space at the trainstation at Dundas & Pacific? Weird.

I agree it was weird, and the Junction City Square would have been the ideal starting point, but it was a decision of the BIA when it was involved. I think it wanted to maximize on passing by businesses, which is also why the route went east then west down the same strip of Dundas. Ultimately, for the community, going through side streets and alleys would also have been a good choice; for exploration, exposure to neighbours, and for the claiming of alleys for the community.

Hi, a big thank you to everyone in the Junction who participated, including the BIA. Thanks also to the Junctioneer for your consistent promotion of the event. Cheers, Chris Holcroft, for Green 13.

Did anyone speak with or to Shox prior to, or during this event to have them participate? Or are we just taking pot shots at one specific local business?

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