Junction Residents Association community input opportunities


We have been  growing and the community spirit in the Junction has brought out many residents not just to JRA meetings and events, but all community gatherings, whether they’re for moms, families, the green-minded, political or for fun.  As the community grows, so does our need for people in the Junction community to have a strong and engaged association community. To make the association of use to all there is an strong  need for some energy, time and skilled to help to build out the outreach and resources the community needs.  If you want to get more involved in the Junction and in some of the exciting things happening here, please consider getting involved.

Web Designer– This blog is a great way to reach a lot of people, but we need someplace to house links to our Wiki, Broadcasts and ongoing needs like job postings.  Does anyone maybe a small group ,interested in creating this effort.

Camera Operator– How do you make a webcast really good?  What kind of camera do you need?  How do you record something for future broadcast, and what’s the best online tool to do it with?  We need people who can be our TV crew.  (post to follow on how I messed up the broadcast of our first lecture)

Community Events Compiler– How about managing a calendar that houses not just JRA events, but all West Toronto community events, meetings, rallies, lectures…?  We’ve been trying to coordinate the collection of this information for availability on our website, but we need someone dedicated to the task.

Mailing List Manager– It’s actually hard to keep up with the number of people that sign up for our mailing list.  We take their trust very seriously, so we’re looking for an organized, trustworthy person who can maintain the mailing list; adding new emails, updating info and removing people when they request it.

Parks Committee Members– We made great strides last summer with our parks department.  Since then, our two main contacts have moved on and retired.  It’s very satisfying to form these relationships and create the situation where the community is actually contacted directly for input into projects that affect them.

Secretary– We just need one.

This is not an exhaustive list.  If you are interested in any of these or can suggest other ways that you can help out,  please email us at junctionra@gmail.com.  We’re just starting.


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