St. Clair Ave W. Transit Improvement Rails and welding equipment arrive

The rail company welding truck
The rail company welding truck is part of the equipment not at the North West intersection of St. Clair Ave W. and Old weston Rd.

We think after looking at the welding unit pictured here, the process here is going to be…

Flash Butt Welding where…

The surfaces of the workpieces are positioned end-to-end. As a rule, flash-butt welding is subdivided into preheating, flashing and upsetting. Preheating is carried out under low welding pressure. Once the welding joint is heated, flashing commences and joint surface material is burnt off, resulting in even joint surface. After arriving at preset flashing loss, upsetting commences, resulting in an irregular “fin” on the surface of the upset metal consisting of molten and oxidized material.Examples of flash-butt weldable items: rod stock, chains, rails and pipes.

The rails to be welded
The rails to be welded

The welding unit

The welding unit

1 Comment TTC UPDATE – Wednesday, June 30, 2010, GO LIVE

St Clair Avenue West Transit Improvements Project
512 St Clair Streetcar Service Resumes between Lansdowne Avenue and Gunns Loop
On Wednesday, June 30, 2010, streetcar service will resume to the community and local businesses on St. Clair Avenue West between Lansdowne Avenue and Gunns loop.

With the return of streetcars along this section of St. Clair Avenue West, the entire 512 St. Clair route will be served by streetcars travelling on the new right-of-way from St. Clair Station at Yonge Street to the Gunns loop at Gunns Road.

On Tuesday, June 29th safety and operational tests will be conducted using a “test streetcar”, which will operate along this section of the new right-of-way. The test streetcar will not be picking up customers during its operation.

The design and construction techniques used to build the new streetcar right-of-way track infrastructure on St. Clair Avenue West will contribute to a measurable improvement to the long-term performance of the track and concrete pavement, as well as providing a smoother and quieter ride for streetcar passengers.

The TTC would like to thank area residents, businesses and its customers for their patience and support during the various stages of the project.

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