Come out on the street Junction food retailers?

Bloor West Village Independent Food Retailer

There is a difference in the street presence of the Junction food, fruit and vegetable retailers and similar stores in The Bloor West Village and the area around Jane St.  and Annette St.   Junction retailers stay off the street while the food retailers in the other areas come onto the street.
Where fruits and vegetables on offer are on the street the atmosphere and experience of choosing and purchasing such items is greatly enhanced.
Dundas St West in the Junction. would blossom with colour and have a greater activity level if these retailers made use of the streets, why they don’t is a wonder..

Dundas west independent food retailer
Dundas west independent food retailer


Great idea, but is the Junctioneer going to pony up the dough to make this happen? You know, permits for street vending, building and upkeep of the fruit stands (because if the stands started to rot or lean, they might end up being highlighted on this site!), etc.

Nice idea, but and idealist one.

I am wondering if the additional effort in obtaining permits and constructing the stands would be worth it financially for the merchants? I think many consumers buy because of visually appealing merchandising, I certainly am a sucker for more overt product placement…if I walk by a street market with a lovely basket of fresh, aromatic local peaches. I WILL buy them whether I need them or not.

I would personally love a more colourful streetscape when walking down Dundas in the Junction. We are getting some great patios where we can have any delicious beverage of choice, but where are those peaches?

I agree C.P, it is a nice idea but idealist….but who is up for the challenge?

Is this a space issue? The sidewalk width in the Junction is less than BWV so I’m wondering if they could even get a permit.

Just one more good reason for the Junction Public Space, lots of room for open markets!

Martin I'm new to the Junction, do people make use of the square? From what I've seen the only use it has is to be a spot to sit and smoke for local workers on their breaks

Hi C.P.

I believe Martin is speaking about the local effort to make a public space in the Junction.

…here is the website address:

The square is donated by a private developer to the Junction Forum for Arts and Culture – the people who run the arts festival in September, The local BIA also uses it at times.

And yes I too see it being commonly used for smoke breaks, But I think we need to remember it's not a fully outfitted public space.

C.P. check out this blog… is about the Junction Public Space Initiative that is being put forth…it could be an incredibly exciting permanent installation in the community

The current space has been used for a community activities, Lantern Festival, Winter Carnival, Santa comes to the Junction, as the stage during the Junction Arts Festival, but should definately should be used more often.

Martin, it would be great to have a Farmer's Market in the space, ohhh imagine toddling off with the family on Saturday mornings in the summer and fall to get your locally farm, grown produce and stopping to chat with your neighbours over a cup of coffee? Ahhhh…I think that would make the Junction simply idyllic!

Hello C.P.,

I’m note sure which space you’re referring too but the Junction Public Space Initiative is a project which plans to create a new public space on Pacific Avenue, it hasn’t been built yet but with any luck it will.

Check out for more details.

Thank you all for the link. I have gone over to the page, however it seems like what is being requested/organized on Pacific st. is along the lines of the privately owned "public space" on Dundas? Is there an issue with that space currently that facilitates the need for another space right around the corner?

Interesting issue to discuss, as like I said earlier, I am new to the community.


The current space is on loan from the generous property owner, it is anticipated a development will happen there in the next couple of years. The proposed space on Pacific would ensure that we would have a permanent public space.

Welcome to the community C.P. , it is an exciting time for the Junction!

As Martin points out, the sidewalks in BWV are in places much much deeper than those of the Junction. I have no problem with outdoor displays where appropriate, but having fruit (or whatever) stands outside the Sweet Potato may cause problems. The stands and the customers would make it difficult for people to get by, especially those if limited mobility.

On this issue, I find the mess in front of the bike shop difficult to navigate sometimes because people will be out looking at a bike and blocking the only part of the sidewalk not already covered by bikes, skates, exercise equipment and other assorted crap. Is this a permit thing or has the owner just annexed the sidewalk for more store space?

For what its worth, that guy does community service on that sidewalk by doing plenty of free bicycle adjustments.

In terms of sidewalk space: if it's not available, build public squares where the fruit stands can overflow and people can buy food at local establishments and enjoy it outside.

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