Bermingham has two roles in the West Toronto Diamond project


Bermingham Construction Ltd.  is not only one of the contractors installing the piles at the West Toronto Diamond project,  Bermingham Construction Ltd is closely related company to Berminghammer Foundation Equipment which  manufactures the pile drivers being used on the project.

Bermingham created the manufacturing line of their business in the mid-1960s, to manufacture pile drivers to its own specifications, uses and sales to other foundation contractors.

…from the manufacturing side of company site…

Berminghammer Foundation Equipment is closely associated with Bermingham Construction Limited, a Canadian company with over ninety-five years of pile driving experience. Years of extensive research, development, and job performance testing with Berminghammer’s own pile driving crews have gone into the production of the only diesel pile hammer designed expressly for piling contractors.

Mark V Series Diesel Pile Hammers  company page link

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