Junction Arts Festival artist applications now on line


….click to get over to the Junction Arts festival online application or the above image

The arts festival now has online application process for dancers, performers, artists, writers and vendors, and anyone else that would want to participate in the festival.  The application can be filled out on the online site including uploading of images and inputting of details of the work such as description and technical needs, as well as all contact information.

The application has notes throughout the process to assist and inform users; as well it sends out a small email to inform you your account has been set up, taking away the concern of knowing your application has been received, and a common concern for artists applying to  festivals.

Artists will 1st create an account in the applications system with their name and contact information, and choose a user id and password. Then they will proceed to tell the festival about the work they want to submit though a series of screens. It’s all quite easy and there are descriptions and details of each category with the process.

The application system was design by Paul Reynolds, Creative Director, at Totally Spun a local Junction area business. Paul can be reached at http://totallyspun.com.

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