New York Pork 2306 St Clair Ave W


Whats really there at this fire damaged plant is hampered by ground level views.
Remediation of   the fire damaged property at 2306 St. Clair Avenue West which is the former New York Pork plant that was engulfed in fire on November 7, 2006, appears to be at a standstill. Reading the various city documents online about the property at the present time, the city is of the opinion that their legal options currently available to cause action at the site are hampered by various encumbrances are registered on title. Also the building is  not deemed unsafe as it not occupied, and fenced…from the city staff report of April 2008..
According to Toronto Building staff, the building does not pose a danger to people in the normal use of the Property as it is not occupied, and it is not unsafe to those outside the building as it is satisfactorily fenced. Municipal Licensing and Standards also has authority under…
Full report last city document on line April 2008

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