Square Foot Gardening ideal for Junction Yards

homepicmelWhat Is Square Foot Gardening?

Would you like a garden filled with beautiful flowers, luscious vegetables, fresh herbs, but NO WEEDS or HARD WORK? Well, that is what Square Foot Gardening is all about.  I’ve taken all the hard work out of gardening. No heavy digging, watering, weeding, thinning, or over-flowering harvest. What is left is a productive, well-kept, colorful garden that looks more like a landscaped area than a typical single-row garden-Mel Bartholomew

“Square Foot Gardens” would be an ideal addition to Junction backyards.   Living so close to the railroad tracks, we sometimes question the integrity of the soil to grow vegetables.  The concept of Square Foot Gardens would be a alternate methodology in growing urban crops, but not directly in the soil.  Square Foot Gardens involves the construction of a 4 x 4 ft raised box onto any surface (could be soil or even concrete), this box is then filled with a mixture of good quality soil.  The box is then divided a grid of 4 x 4, giving you the opportunity of planting 16 different crops.  Apparently this method yields a much larger harvest than traditional row planting.

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Hi, we are junction residents on mulock and we totally agree! this year along with the help of some very good friends we made a few 12feet x 2 feet containers to do some vegetable gardening. We created our own community gardening offering to friends who live in apartments to be able to help us with the gardening and then to share in the harvest. We were also inspired by the gardening advice of Mel! we even posted about it on my blog.

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