West Toronto Diamond construction workers ill at ease, for the wrong reason?

reduced noise pollution from vibratory pile driving?
reduced noise pollution from vibratory pile driving?

Each day when images are taken of the work proceeding on the West Toronto Diamond project, many of the workers stop and point at the photo taker.  And while some of the photos are for use on this blog in relation to the impact the work is having on the community situation as it occurs, most are simply to document this important change to our community. This morning seemed to cause an unusual interest from quite a few workers, all upping a huffed state.  Seeing this it occurred that many of these workers may not have any idea as to what good and what identity destruction the project is causing to the historical and common culture of the community. Much of the community also needs to address this change too, was not the character of the junction the reason many came and the reason many stayed.


Of course the good is the betterment of the GO transit system and travel to and from the airport, and surrounds. The destruction of the rail junction will sever the steel reality that maintains emotional link that the Junction community has made with the railroads. As the Junction has lost a vast amount – really all – of its industry in the past 20 years, it clasped the railway history to itself to an even greater extent.  Removing the rail junction itself severs that hold., and combining this loss with that of the noise, smell, and looming bulk of the Toronto Macroni Factory on Hook Ave, and the sweet flour scent of the mills and noise of the vacuum hoses that moved the flour into the silos at the plant on Junction Rd. that would have made a year pile driving welcome. We also lost Dominion Corrugated on Monarch Rd – a real noisy and dirty operation in those same years. The list could go on for another paragraph.

So if you are employee on the site, remember not every photograph is about the noise, the community may  aggrieve  the noise but after you are gone parts of the nature of the community will be gone too. This loss is not your concern of course unless you choose it to be, and many in the community would welcome it.


Probably because its becoming close to harrassment. Any chance you can divulge where you live and they can come take pictures of you to "document the going-on's in the community"?

Right, didn't think so.

Now where's root to call me a troll and lol @ the single spelling mistake I may have made?

junctioneer, a very thoughtful and considered post
thank you for your observations about the junction and its history

Well Theirry, usually this does not happen, when I was needing materials from the demolition of the Moore Paint factory, It was simple to contact the people as there was no need to cross on to the tracks – which is a bad idea – speaking to the WTDW on the track area is difficult. It was much easier during the 1st stage of the work (2007) when they were moving the services out of the way for the current work.

In fact most of the development concerns do know where I live and where my studio is, as I keep asking for stuff, and they are welcoming in every case.

Then why the need to speak to their resentment of you constantly (or repeatedly) taking pictures of them? Any human would eventually get upset with a stranger photographing them, and then furthermore posting said photos in a public forum. Its like you poke the dog with a stick, then cry when it bites you…

So possibly giving them some space to do their work, thereby completing the project in our community and moving on to other jobs, would be a good thing?

Its not like you're suffocating the workers by taking harmless photographs, true. But it could be that they're probably quiet aware of the local opposition, and enjoy 'taking the piss' out of the you/us by 'driving' past 4pm (which i've heard a bit more lately), giving you the business when you're around taking shots, etc… because you won't let them just do their jobs without the hoopla.

Honestly, I defy you to find someone who enjoys people looking over their shoulders while they work.

Why would they be looking over their shoulders? Many construction sites have photos taken on a daily basis, and many even have public webcam feeds. Construction workers building condos, for instance, often see lots of people taking photos of their future homes.

I think it's the construction firm and perhaps Metrolinx which is more nervous than anyone. They were the misguided few who somehow felt local people would be cool with perpetual loud banging and vibrations which jeopardized their life investments.

Get real.

Theirry, I have no problem posting you comments, But your last 2 comments, have a bit too much name calling. You do yourself and your ideas a disservice when you surround your good and reasonable points with name calling and invective. Rewrite them in a positive manner – you can still stick with your comments about the post contents without the name calling, and we'll allow them thorough, – that is the bad word robot that blocked your two last comments, …I get to look at them after it highlights the objectionable comments.

Your concerns about the areas "drug dealers and drugs that plague our area" would best be dealt with over the the Junction Residents Association Site, A site created especially to address such concerns, where forums can be created by anyone – for their own concerns. Give it a try http://www.junctionra.ca signup and and start a conversation, you are most welcome.

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