Articulations art store opens today

Guts is what it takes to open a art supply shop these days. Its long hours and stock choice and mix is difficult to achieve the right as to the never ending changing needs of artists. Toronto has a range of art shops and suppliers of materials including some which have a long history such as Currys and Above Ground, but the Junction has missed out on having one since Booths hobby shop closed down decades ago.

The proprietors have planned workshops as part of the business model, a plan that has work for the Wise Daughters Craft Shop.

The patronage and success of this shop should be a real bellwether to strength of the Junctions art culture.

Really hope they add in house services to professional artists in the community such as a parcel express pick up point for UPS and FedEx. Maybe a packing service to go along with this. These simple services, which are often provided by good art supply houses in Europe and Asia, would be very helpful and time and money saving for local professional artists. Right now local artists have to trip out for at least just over an hour to take works out packing and or shipping. Personally the author has to do this several times a week and would gladly pay for such as service.

And hopefully (and this is a personal wish) will stock D’Ache drawing products it would be great to be able to buy their hard dry pastels and pencils locally.

about us from their site, ARTICULATIONS is a locally run art store located in the heart of Toronto’s Junction neighborhood. We are creative navigators here to provide you with art supplies, cool art workshops, and creative exhibitions.

link to there opening events on their site.


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