City Cleanup!


On Sunday a small team of city managers was in the Junction cleaning along Dundas Street.  The mess is starting to build so their efforts are appreciated.

I also appreciated the friendliness of the city works at our temporary garbage dump, George Bell Arena parking lot.  I’ve made two drops in the past 5 weeks and both times I was greeted with a pleasant demeanour and good service despite the difficult working conditions these works have been put in.


It's time to change the mindset of Toronto politicians from get the Union vote, win the election, (Miller & McGuinty), to get the Union vote lose the election. You cannot govern a City or Province if your hands are tied but the people who put you there! Time to break the Public Service and Teacher's unions once and for all, they are essential services!

Here's the RALLY CRY. Lets fire them all!!!
They are uneducated lazy people that can easily be replaced at $10.00 per hour.

The inside staff are court clerks, Permits inspectors, Food services inspectors, Welfare social assistance, Child care workers with ECE diplomas, water tesing monitors for drinkiing and swimming, Oh yeah, and the garbage collectors.

Why is this strike on? So, when Miller (or the next Mayor) increases your taxes next year he will affix the blame to the unions.

David Pylyp
Toronto west

Now there's an idea! "Lets (sic) fire them all" because they're uneducated.

Maybe then we could pay educated people $10 an hour to do it? Maybe not.

We could get school-leavers to do it. Or why not break up all the unions and go a step further and repeal the law to allow children to do it. I mean, that would keep the little urchins off the streets, right?


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