Clay & Paper Theatre in Dufferin Grove Park,


Clay & Paper Theatre’s mandate is to create, develop and perform multi-disciplinary, community-driven theatrical works using narrative theatre and large-scale puppetry in public spaces for large and diverse audiences.



After a recently visiting Dufferin Grove Park for the first, I give kudos to the park and all of its creators. Some highlights besides the constant hum of activity are the 2 bread ovens; the gardens that grow the pizza toppings that you put on your pizza during regularly scheduled pizza nights; the HUGE campfire pits; the amazing play structures which are "old school" in style and the area is surrounded by a rustic log fence ; the massive sand pit accompanied by a working garden house so you can better make your sand castles.

We were so impressed, but it left the question as to why can't our local parks have the incredible vibe and life as Dufferin Grove? If you haven't been to this park before, slip across the street the next time you are at the Dufferin Mall.

Hi –
I totally agree!
Check out the Vine Avenue Park's August 16th event (Junk Mammas present: Cyclops). Cyclops is Dufferin Grove's resident theatre troupes' latest puppet show on wheels, which the Junk Mommas are bringing to Vine!
Should be fun, and hopefully will be the beginning of a Dufferin-Grove-like-vibe at our very own Vine park.

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