2803 DUNDAS ST West old Mc Brides site current tax section 323 COTA

A a self serve  car wash is planned by the owner of the old old Mc Brides site at 2803 DUNDAS ST West.

After this blogs 1st posting on the subject from a email note from Martin L.  which generated some comments, the blog received an email from another reader (John) provide his received response from Gord Perks – Councillor to Ward 14 office.

“Thank you for taking the time to contact Councillor Perks with your concern.  I am responding on his behalf. (Meri Newton)  It  is my understanding that this use is as of right under the current zoning. “That said, Planning has advised that they have some concerns with the current application and are circulating plans internally to gather comments from other departments before preparing a report.  The staff deadline for comment is in July at which point the Councillor has request (sic) to meet with the Community Planner.  We will advise once we know more.”

As some people were interested in the development some may also be interested in how section 323 of the City of Toronto Act is currently being applied to the property in relation to the cancellation and reduction of the property taxes. Section 1 below provide the specific amount for the lot numbers of the suite from the most recently available city data, while section 2 provide a except from the  City of Toronto Act  that governs this effort.

1) City Council approved the appeal during the  December 1, 2 and 3, 2008, session.

Appeal information data & roll number
Appeal information data & roll number

Reductions for the year 2007
Appealed Reduction request for the year 2007

Council Detail Hearing Number: 2008H5 – daats source for above  [link]

2) Cancellation, reduction, refund of taxes

323. (1) Upon application to the city treasurer made inaccordance with this section, the City may cancel, reduceor refund all or part of taxes levied on land in the year inrespect of which the application is made if,

(a) as a result of a change event, as defined in clause(a) of the definition of “change event” in subsec-tion 34 (2.2) of the Assessment Act, during thetaxation year, the property or portion of the prop-erty is eligible to be reclassified in a different classof real property, as defined in regulations madeunder that Act, and that class has a lower tax ratiofor the taxation year than the class the property orportion of the property is in before the changeevent, and no supplementary assessment is made inrespect of the change event


Right now the lot is being used as parking and a staging area for the CTV show "Flashpoint", which is currently being shot at 2 locations in the neighbourhood.

So between these two sites, the BIA is losing over $5,000 of revenue? Am I interpreting that correctly?

What is the best way to protest the car wash. It adds insult to injury after the destruction of McBrides. A car wash in that location could be expected to contribute to an already congested Dundas W/Keele intersection.

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