Friday afternoon 3034 Dundas St. W 70's siding being removed


Friday afternoon the siding is being removed from 3034 Dundas St. W and the two buildings on either side of it. the progress of work even at this stage is revelling a building of astounding  beauty.

However many original windows have been removed in past reno, some bricked up.


Kudos to the owner of the building. Even though there are steep costs associated with restoration, the owners are taking the extra step to bring the beauty of the building back to the community. What a beauty!

Yes, restoration buildings like this is much appreciated. I'd say that it's a great community service.

This building look sgreat with the siding off, I think this stretch will certainly become the centre of the Junction if it isn’t already. .

Does anyone know the restoration plans? Are they going to restore the brick or are they just preparing for a coat of stucco.

I hope its restore the brick.

there will be some stucco, as the rules allow it but the brick will be the vast area, the work is being over viewed by a city manager.

agreed, but the city rules allow it, hopefully it will not be much, also really wondering what they are going to do about the missing arch windows

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