61, 63 and 67 Vine a new townhouse lot cleanup started over the weekend


People were removed the furniture, and just plain junk that is in one of houses on this now development site. Yet why not place all this directly in the dumpster?


No no Rodger, you must dump it all in with no plan. Why make the most of your rental when you can stuff it with odds and ends and not utilize all the available space!

It's the same premis as using a moving truck. You must pack it in like Tetris so that you can get the most out of your bin. Bins are expensive to rent and if you just chucked everything in then you might end up paying for another load. Leave these guys alone. They know what they're doing.

PS, they break gound in 3 months time.

I think it ok to stockpile during the day but by days end your site should be clean and debris in the bin.

3 mounths? I haven’t see any applications for this site, 3 months seem a bit optimistic.

For the record the bin was loaded the same day that picture was taken. Go have a look for yourself and you'll find the property very tidy now.

As for the '3 months' that was direct from a man working on the property a few days ago.
Me: "Hey when do you break ground?"
Him: "in about 3 months"

John what i think Martin is saying the city process for this will take more that 3 mths and it seems no plans have been filed as of yet, so the 3 mths stated by the workers could be off,.

Martin are you employed by the city or in an office that governs or approves municipal building applications / licenses?

Hello Theirry, I don’t work for the city, I’m a machine designer working in what’s left of the auto industry.

There are several online sources to find development application, Sandro linked to the building permits, the planning and development link below is also a good one. You can also ask the councillor about any applications.


You can also ask the councillor about any applications.

The properties has been sold does any one know who the developers are and they will be building the new townhouses.

The properties has been sold does any one know who the developers are and when they will be building the new townhouses.

Anne, I just got a notice yesteday regarding this development. There is a meeting on August 31st outlining the plans but I can't remember where! I know it's on Annette somewhere. When I get home I can check for you. I do know that they're being torn down over 2 days in Sept. and construction begins in Oct.

There is a community meeting on Tuesday Aug. 31 at 8pm at the Annette Street Community Centre, 333 Annette Street.

The JRA is sending out a notice about the meeting tonight and I'll ask the Junctioneer to post it here.

Ok the meeting the association had with the developers looked at the new townhouses so I am taking it that the plans are to be revised. In the meantime we are still seeing an ugly eye sore in our neighbourhood with those old house. This meeting was in August have a decision been made. When will the builders start tearing down those houses.

Hello Anne, after consultation with the community the JRA submitted a letter to the developers architect on October 1st 2010, a copy can be found in the archives page of our website (junctionra.ca).

I’m speculating but changes would have been small if at all and they would not delay the project in anyway. An application of this size endures significant review and is circulated to dozens of City departments. On November 18th however a building permit was issued for the site.

I’m sure we’ll see some action soon.

The Demolition application has been submitted for the 5 houses on Vine Ave.

Demolition Folder (DM) Status: Not Started
Location: 61 VINE AVE TORONTO ON M6P 1V6
Ward 13: Parkdale-High Park
Application#: 11 126500 DEM 00 DM Accepted Date: Feb 15, 2011
Project: SFD – Detached Demolition
Description: Demolish existing semi detached dwelling.

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