Mavety Milk Mart and Junction Gentrification

Post submitted by Martin L. the Junction Residents Assoc.  development group leader

2881 to 2887 Dundas Street West which is better known as the Mavety Milk Mart to locals and The William Rowntree Building to historians is undergoing a Zoning Review.  The building application proposes to convert 3 offices on the 2nd floor to a yoga studio and convert two apartments on the same level into one. The 1st floor and partial 3rd floor will not be renovated under this proposal.

Originally built in 1901 this historic building is designated under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act.  The renovation of the site continues a trend in the Junction of creating new employment space along with combining smaller apartments into one large unit.

The employment and new business is always welcome but the larger apartments are a sure sign of gentrification.  While these new apartments are a great place to live they have the unfortunate side effect of displacing the former tenants who inevitable leave their community for cheaper accommodations.

This Thursday at the JRA meeting I’m leading a discussion on urban development in the Junction.  The focus will be on stabilizing development and creating a plan for our ever evolving community. Come out and voice your opinion and help shape the Junction.

JRA Community Meeting

September 17th 2009, 7pm to 9pm

West Toronto Baptist Church (across from Axis)

3049 Dundas Street West


Gentrification doesn't have to be a bad word. Historical preservation and gentrification seem to need each other at times.

The upside of gentrification is the money to restore buildings comes with it. If I'm not mistaken the cost associated with historical preservation is the foundation of most of your arguments when it comes to people not doing things the way you would like.

Gentrification is hardly a bad word. It's positive that a neighbourhood is improving and attractive to people of higher incomes. That's success and it's refreshing to hear of it because an attractive area like this one was depressed for so many years. Hopefully more buildings will be better maintained and some empty lots and car washes will be developed for more cohesive streetscapes.

There's social housing in the area anyway so that it's not a given that many lower income individuals will be displaced.

Personally I don’t think gentrification is a bad thing and I love seeing our neighbourhood revitalized. Even my own house was three apartments when I bought it 4 years ago and I have now combined 2 of the units into one.

However I wanted to point-out gentrification has a downside to those who are marginalized and end up moving from an area which may have been their home for years.

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