Metrolinx conditions on the Georgetown South Service Expansion placed by Environment Minister John Gerretsen

…from the Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment news release
Eighteen conditions on the Georgetown South Service Expansion that address concerns raised by the community about the effect of diesel emissions on human health and air quality. Three highlights are as follows:

Trains operated by GO Transit on the Georgetown rail corridor

and the Union Pearson Rail Link service must use Tier 4 state of the art

engines when the service expansion begins or as soon as the
technology is commercially available;

blog detail link… here is a PDF from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

details issues related to their Locomotive and Marine Diesel Emissions reductions tiers

(link to to their site PDF) click here for a copy archived on this blog

A significant human health and mitigation plan must be put in place

to address any remaining risks to human health after Tier 4 engines

are in operation on the line;

depending on the availability of ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel with sulfur

content capped at 15 parts per million, which will be available by 2012. [1. Regulatory announcement – U.S. Environmental Protection Agency]

An ambient air monitoring and reporting plan must be put in place

with monitoring locations situated within the boundaries of the

Georgetown South Corridor or within the adjacent community.

complete report opens in new windows as a

PDF file from MOE site from a PDF file archived on this site

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