Junction house repairs often scale up in the process

Many of the residential homes in all parts of the Junction now need restoration repairs in addition to the basic maintenance that most houses need. Often when one repair is undertaken the need for another repair becomes comes into play to complete the first repair. DSC04808

Today in the Junction a homeowner was having a contractor repair the flat roof at the rear of the house. During the removal of the old layers of flat roofing material – there was 2.5 inches of material, the brick arch of the rear second story window came out. Necessitating a new and unplanned  repair.

In the Junction, with a old house it seems it’s size to not start one repair unless you have the funds to do another.


Or, you know, take better care of your property in general so it doesn't get to the point of falling apart by the time you get around to your repairs – Especially if you have renters who will have to live with the problems in the mean time.

I get that Robert… people like A.R., SP, and Martin L. are regular contributors. I just found it strange that someone would want this documented publicly, thats all.

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