Porch Re-Creation, 5 Cross Street lauded by Heritage Toronto

the benefit of thoughtful choice

This porch recreation in the Weston area, is a great example of what  can be done to bring back some character to a avenue, instead of simply building something functional just to suit a purpose. The before and after pictures clearly issue a  call for more of this type of renovation in the older suburbs of Toronto, of which The Junction and Weston were in earlier periods of time, although at different times.

This particular  project was commissioned  by the homeowners and carried out under the direction of a architect, and built by a contractor, which is just one of the ways to achieve  the same result. Homeowners can choose to research the design of  ornamentation details suited for there themselves. This can often be done by simply walking around the community and snapping a few shots and maybe some added research at the local public library, most of which have a great selection of local history items readily available.  They can then work with a contractor to develop a project inline with the historical character with the contractor, or the industrious and craft minded can work to create the new poach themselves.

West Toronto is full of small wood shops that would be inexpensive sources for the bespoke woodwork pieces required. Also the community has a large base of craft builders, many open to sectional jobs, where the homeowner does some of the work.

Heritage Toronto text
The owners of this Victorian home in Weston embarked on a project to create a replica porch for the front of their house consistent with the 1889 construction period of the building. After careful research, including looking at other houses from the period, the porch was constructed from Ontario white pine with detailed ornamentation such as brackets, turnings and other elements custom manufactured. The structure was finished with a heritage colour paint.

Commissioned by: Martin Weigelin & Leslie Mah
Architect: Anthony Belcher Architect
Crafts Person/Contractor: Sandilands WoodworkingAfter


That's a very nice porch, I wonder how much more it cost then an ordinary porch? Any idea who did the work, I need some work done and would like to hear what this company has to offer.

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