Canadian Union of Postal Workers campaign to stop closures @ Canada Post – Campaign to stop Closures, Privatization and Deregulation at Canada Post

The link above is for the CUPE special site to prevent post office closures

at this link they highlight a problem and efforts similar to ours

Urgent request for support to stop post office closure in Pointe-Sainte-Charles
(February 28, 2008 / Your Public Post Office Delivers Campaign / Miscellaneous)

The community of Pointe-Saint-Charles, which is located in Montreal, is fighting Canada Post’s decision to close a community post office and reopen another one in an industrial park that is not convenient for anyone. People want to keep their post office. It is slated to close on March 28, 2008. Residents and organizations in Pointe-Saint-Charles would like your support to stop the closure of their post office. What you can do: Please consider downloading and signing Action-Gardien’s…

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