Josh Barndt, facilitator of the Dupont bike mural speaks at JRA cultural meet

The Culture Committee welcomes guest speaker Josh Barndt, facilitator of the Dupont bike mural who will talk about what made that project a success, and share plans for a community mural in Parkdale/Roncesvalles. Other agenda items: Boom Times Spring Fling update, discussion of other local arts activities.

Mon, Oct 26, 7:30 pm at Wise Daughters for the next JRA Culture Committee meeting.


One place that needs a mural: the long underpass on Runnymede. It's been a magnet for taggers for years, and now looks really bad because the City started painting over the graffiti with black paint (on a white wall). There's a strange drop in City investment when you go north of the tracks.

That is something that the B.I.A. could easily accomplish if they wanted to. There are plenty of willing artists in that area. Just needs somebody to give the OK. Murals really do cut down on tagging. Most taggers respect a mural enough not to write four letter words all over it (Much like the infamous Keele Wall)

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