Concourse Restaurant / Galaxy Donuts buildings (2853 Dundas Street West)

Concourse Restaurant

Wow, under all that mess of plastic signs and aluminum exterior finish is quite an excellent building structure. Although with the “stuff being taken off  was put on it must have had some appeal and provided some alure to the community and passers by.

This building is a Part of A.C. Thompson Block which includes 2845-2853 Dundas St. West; c.1889 (designation plaque – 1987)


Now if only they could put as much clean up effotr into the businesses and clientel that frequent that spot.

John; Last Thursday my better half was accosted outside the bar by 1 drunk man (50+), while his 4 friends cheered him on (while they were all out for a smoke). She came home feeling quite uncomfortable and unsafe in our own neighborhood.

I can't wait for the day that one of those drunk wastes of life try that with me.

Scary stuff Theirry, I hope she's ok.

I'm sure the type that picks on women late at night would stay clear of anyone they cant intimidate.

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