Junction Post Office saved

The Junction Post office has been saved with a new 5 year agreement with Canada Post.

A concerted effort of residents signing petitions and the efforts of the local federal MP Gerard Kennedy and his local office all spearheaded by the Junction BIA under  their executive director Anna-Louise Richardson who also working long hours to achieve the goal.

more details to follow

The Junction's happy postmaster after hearing the news


Great News!

This is a perfect example of how a community can come together, engage government and make positive changes we can all be proud of.

Amazing! Canada Post actually listened to their customers. Will wonders never cease? I signed the petition yet, never believed it would work.

I wrote Gerard Kennedy's office several times about this and another problem I have been having with Canada Post.
Oddly, they only responded to this issue and have not yet had the decency to respond to the other issue I have been having.

Thanks for your coverage of this issue Junctioneer. Linda, why don't you just go to Gerard Kennedy's constituency office on Dundas and talk to them in person if you have an issue?

I am so happy this post office can continue to operate! The owner has always given excellent service and has gone out of his way to ensure that I receive several parcels which weren't correctly addressed. He took great efforts to track me down and ensure the parcels reached me, also researching my non-listed telephone number and leaving me a message at home. I am sure that very few people would be able to offer that great service, especially if such an operation were taken over by a larger store. Let's appreciate the great service this store and owner give! I'm relieved that they aren't closing down.

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