Demolition of the rear of the Handyman Shop begins this morning, and is in full swing.

Using more muscle than machinery – well no machinery the building is coming down quickly.




These guys are really moving along, I think we’ll find out Wednesday if there’re tearing down the entire second floor.

I had just assumed they were only taking down the south-side section. Is there a chance that the whole second-floor of this building will be torn down and replaced?

Not that this building is especially spectacular or anything, but I do like all the corner properties along Dundas which have the rounded brick on the corners. They're a pretty rare sight in Toronto where most of the streets are laid-out in a simple grid, and somewhat Junction-specific as Dundas runs at a unique angle, resulting in all sorts of strange parallelogramesque lots. I'd have thought that the distinctive look of the curved brick would make the building more attractive to buyers/renters.

I know that plans for the building are to recapture its once brilliance rounded corners and all. They even plan to use a herritage brick for the entire building with tonnes of windows. Really nice!

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