Great & exicting news and a not to miss tour at The Village by High Park, this Saturday 1pm

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get an idea of how all this will work

How exciting can a Junction weekend get, not much more than this …a  walking tour on the construction site of  tallest  construction project ever in the Junction.
People  will not be allowed to enter the construction site. Mike Labbé will  be guiding people around the perimeter of the site, explaining the features, as well as where things are located
How many developers open up their site to the general public for a walk around?, we don’t know but you could probably count them in a breath.
The reasons for attending this tour are many and varied
1. you bought a unit, and want to get a early feel for your building
2. You like views of silos framed by railroad tracks a view which is quickly going away
3. You want to hear the heartfelt description of Mr Labbé’s description of the need and design choices for the building. he gave a great one at the recent tri-government press day at the site recently.
4. You want to see the Deltera created forming system called Aluma in use and close up. Can be seen from the street
5. you want to know where the retail part is going

their invite….

On Saturday, November 14th at 1:00 pm, Mike Labbé, the President of Options for Homes Non-Profit Corporation, will be hosting a tour of our development, The Village by High Park, located at 403 Keele Street.

Those interested in attending are asked to meet approximately 10 minutes before 1:00 o’clock at the northwest end of Heintzman Street, in front of Deltera’s customer care trailer.

There is no need to RSVP.


"People will not be allowed to enter the construction site. Mike Labbé will be guiding people around the perimeter of the site, explaining the features, as well as where things are located"

Here's how the tour will go starting from the Keele train bridge:

Mike Labbe – "I know you can't see it but to your left is behind those huge boards is your condo development! Please turn left in the driveway of the gas station. Look to your left, behind those concrete walls is your condo development and a crane! Please continue past Heintzman. To your left behind those huge boards that you can't see over is… YOUR CONDO DEVELOPMENT! Ok tours over so please head back down the alley to the gas bar for refreshments"

It's good to hear there's going to be some retail. And hopefully the stretch of Keele north of Dundas will see some more development. Its cheap buildings like that suburban style strip mall beside the gas station and empty spaces up to the underpass are very underwhelming.

I think that the rail bridge is a mental barrier, being dark, always damp and dirty. The city doesn't touch it because its owned by the railway and the railway seems to clean it once a year.

No, the tour is for people who have already bought, and for interested local residents.

There are only about a dozen of the 650 units still available anyway.

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