Junction Residents Assoc. stewardship discussion tomorrow

….added chair and a constitution discussion

The Junction Residents Association will be holding a AGM tomorrow with the presentation for approval of the members a new chair structure of 3 chairs instead of the 2 they started with when formed last year.   They will also  be electing  a  Treasurer and Secretary.

Planning and discussion will also be on the creation of a JRA constitution, which in this authors opinion all RA’d need, to bring the standards of accountability to community to the forefront and as an overview to the  reasons the RA exists. Not all the residents associations  in west Toronto have a constitution, leaving persons interested in working with a local RA or just those interested on doing their own community project not know the engagement areas of their local RA.

A good  example of a RA constitution is the one used by Parkdale Residents Association [link to their constitution opens in new window]

The introduction of a possible effort to create bike lanes on High Park Ave with be presented to the members for possible inclusion into the agenda for the coming year.
Among some of the other topics being discussed will be motions for the following:

o JRA constitution
o Living Playground in Vine Parkette

This meeting or the RA will really have people set the agenda of the RA for the coming year, so it’s important for people to take an interest and give over an hour to attend.  One of the best reasons is that RAs in Toronto are given attention by the media, who seek their opinion and certain city departments who input at times the statements about community issues into their planning. And yet many RAs are whole fully under represented by the people in the community – so a small group of people get to make a big  statement about community issues from a small membership.

Many RAs  are constantly seeking the involvement of people in the community even if people simply want to set the agenda and let the more active members carry out the agenda, of course only fully voted upon actions and bot those decided by the managing committee.

– come set the agenda –

West Toronto Baptist Church Thursday November 12th, 7pm to 9pm

3049 Dundas St at McMurray Ave

Live webcast at www.junctionra.ca

It’s your Junction, It’s our Junction!

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