The Village by High Park, have questions?

Our 1st night image of the upcoming Village by the Park building
Our 1st night image of the upcoming Village by the Park building

If you have a question that particularly interests you about the construction of  The Village by High Park on Keele St just North of Dundas St West please send it to the blog in the next day or two.

Why? ..because Deltera Construction has very kindly offered the blog a photo and question answer question.  send or comment them and we will ask them when we attend.

what is the blog hoping for right off  in photos…

1) a internal shot the rail tie back wall.

2) A never before shot the Keele st Dundas west intersection from the building – just above the rail subway [1.  an underground tunnel or passage enabling pedestrians to cross a road or railway, such as the one just north of Vine ave on Keele st –  footnote of meaning suggested by blog reader ]  level

and choice of photo op?

… lucky for us and kind of them.

Please mail ( or place your questions is a comment


are there still units available?
What measures, specifically, are being undertaken during construction to insulate against noise for the track side units?
why did your model look like it was constructed by third graders?
thanks! I look forward to upcoming post.

I'm curious about the exit from the resident's parking onto Keele Street. The clearance from the gas station to the building seems quite narrow. Won't this conflict with the gas bar patron's entry, and exit to the street?

I'm going to assume by clogging up Heintzman ave… but i'd love to hear the answer to that question as well Rodger

What I recall from city reports about 3 years ago was the traffic from the condo was going to be less then the Canadian Tire traffic so no mitigation measures were necessary. Theirry is also right, the main entrance is off Heintzman ave not keele.

I decided years ago traffic at Keele and Dundas was never going to get better so I started using Runnymede.

It would be nice, if the West Toronto diamond project included the resurrection of the Old Weston Rd bridge that once connected it to the Dupont/Annette/Dundas intersection, this would relieve the jog at Keele and Dundas and also relieve the jog from Keele/Rogers/Weston by redirecting the traffice either down Weston or Old Weston.

They definitely don't know what businesses will be yet, as the units haven't been sold. The most likely candidates are things like convenience stores. It's not zoned for things like restaurants or bars.

My understanding is that the exit to Keele St will come out of the middle of the building, not near the gas station, and will only allow people to go North, not make a left to go South. The main entrance and exit will be via Heintzmann to Dundas.

As of the board meeting on Wednesday, there were 15 unsold units remaining.

If we can only turn north from the garage exit, what would we do if we wanted to go south from there? I was thinking we might need a traffic light – there is already one just north of the tracks, and if they blocked off the intersection where the garage exit will be, the traffic light could allow people exiting to go north or south. Sort of like at Queen and Landsdowne, where the entire intersection is blocked off.

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