Does the Junction require more thought from all of us?

Are we lessening the possibilities inherent in the Junction?… Neglect by not thinking about what we are simply accepting  as the way it is and not learning, discovering  and applying  new thoughts and methods of living to its future.
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Many people view the Junction as a living organism which could be said to have a metabolism comprised of the people of the community, the streets,  the buildings, and the flow of thought  and action among all of these elements. Don’t you get that that feeling from people as the speak about the area?

So in turn the Junction can be thought of in the same manner as all of our brains, made up of the physical substance of the brain matter (building/roads) and the chemical, electrical activity  (you and everyone else) in the flesh that together create our minds. The mind is a wonderful object for creation and change as long as we use it with understanding and not simply living with past experience programmed in. Can not the current members of the community heighten to task of creating a Junction of wonder and the best little village in the city, joining the historical with the new, to end some of common neglect that exists.

Did not, Messers Turner and Clendenan did as they when about building and designing the community with hope and sight for you today?

One of the reasons this  post has been written is that  some people have indicated this blog routinely laments the loss of our history all parts of it, industrial,  residential, and the enduring signs of the past effort and experiences of people while neglecting the need for new uses and a more residential character for the community.  The new is not what troubles this author but the lack of combined betterment in all actions that the Junction needs to be the best for all.

In case the above  image interests anyone it’s this article <–link open pdf file.


I'm sure "Messers Turner and Clendenan" would be turning in their graves if they were aware of the goings-on at the Junction BIA. According to a petition I read in a local store they have just fired the only permanent staff member and the office has been closed since early January. I met the lady in question last year and she seemed full of ideas and enthusiasm for what the neighbourhood should be all about and seemed intent on implementing those ideas in 2010. Does anybody know why she was fired?

That seems to be the way there. Every time the BIA has somebody working there who appears to be doing a good job, they either fire them or force them to quit. There is never any explanation other than gossip. Why do the business owners and the City accept this?

Sad but apparently true. All you have to do is look around the area to see how useless the local BIA is: no lights at Christmas, no benches, no banners, no flowers. What do they do? Is there any business owner who can tell us?

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