Help, what wards make up the Junction?

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Currently I am attempting to rework the tagging structure on the blog, so people can backtrack on past posts about various happenings.

As part if this I would like to have a clear picture of the how the City ward boundaries  affect the all the parts of the Junction.

question 1.  the city wards does the Junction touch upon?

question 2. what are the boundaries of  the  Davenport West area?

any help would be much thanked for.


Re: Question 1 – based on the historical Junction boundaries, most of the Junction falls into Ward 13 (although not all of the Ward counts as the Junction, of course). Parts of Wards 11, 14 & 17 are also in the historical area. I don't believe the southern tip of Ward 12 makes it in, I'd have to do some careful checking to be sure, though.

In terms of Davenport West, I'm not familiar with the term. Today, "Davenport" as a neighbourhood usually means the stretch of Davenport between the CN tracks and Bathurst. Historically, "Davenport" was a village just west of the tracks which merged with Carleton and West Toronto Junction around 1890. I am given to understand that this whole stretch is currently claimed by "Carleton Village."

Tough one, shouldn't we wait to hear on the results of the fuzzy boundaries ballot? both areas overlap, depending on which map you refer to.

Sonny, does it not – even thought it has the support of the local elected officials, who I understand to be willing to bring a motion if the vast amount of the community are behind the change?

As David stated, Davenport West has for the most part included the stretch of Davenport that cuts through the heart of Carleton Village from Caledonia (the CN tracks) to Old Weston, but does stretch as far as Dufferin toward the east.
I think the name was resurrected in the last few years because of work being done by community groups that straddled a couple of neighbourhoods that the western end of Davenport runs through.
I would also agree with David about the wards that are within the radius of the Junction area.

Thanks Jimbo for posting the link to the map. It's obvious that the Junction lies east of the tracks on Dundas.

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