parkside drive soil sink still there

parkside drive

For over 2months the soil sink along Parkside Drive and into High Park is still these with traffic barriers redirecting traffic.

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I have learned a little about the Parkside Drive sink hole! At first, there was great debate as to, if it was the Park's problem or the City of Toronto's. There are a few interesting contributions, one of which, has some local residents requesting a ban on big trucks, which they feel has contributed to the erosion. Another problem is an old tale. It has to do with the filling in (over a hundred years ago) of the Indian Valley Creek (or one name it had been referred to) – for at the time, the nearest street to this sink hole was once called Park Place, so I had never found the actual creek name. (Now Indian Valley Crescent)
The original underground surface water thru ways, and city waterlines are old and are all deteriorating. They collectively sit upon original marsh land that was filled in (explaining the collapsing and tilting of homes on nearby Indian Grove. Indian Grove has had 4 sinkholes in the last decade.
Careless stewardship from neighbouring private lands, has burdened the lands and underground waterways more. The result? unstable land, skylighting of a once lost creek bed and now the uncertainty about how to deal with it.

The problem begins up stream, you only see the outcome on Parkside Drive.

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