Vine Ave truck and employee parking


The Topper textile firm has begun to use the old Canadian Rogers Eastern Limited (CREL) roofing division ….come parking lot as depot for its trucks and employees cars. Increasing the traffic volume along Vine Ave.

This new activity has caused this author to wonder what the community feels about the increased industrial traffic this new use has caused, in light that many people in the community feel the age of mixed residential and industrial activity in the Junction  is over.

While this author believes the Junction needs mixed residential and industrial activity, I really would like to know what the people living close-by feel the impact  of this activity is.


It does make sense to use dead space, but the increase of traffic is sometimes troublesome. Recently, myself being a stroller pushing kind, was scared at the speed in which the vehicles travel. We have almost been hit by a truck twice in the past two weeks at the corner of Vine and McMurray, where there is a largley neglected stop sign. The trucks just don't stop at the sign but they seem to accelerate through the sign.

I think it is not the volume increase that bothers me, but the sheer careless driving exhibited by some. I believe traffic calming devices were discussed for Vine a while ago, does anyone know if there are any further plans for this?

From what I understand the TPS has a car here almost daily (in the parking lot of the storage place) ticketing cars who turn right onto the street when heading south down Keele (apparently its posted that you cannot turn right between 4 – 6pm). Not that it helps outside of 4-6pm, but its something?

Not attempting to make it an issue, just hoping to cause thought about our community, which really is the only point of this blog

Traffic on Vine is a growing concern as more people use it to get around the traffic on Keele. The speeds are often higher than the posted 40. It's dangerous to be picking up and dropping off in front of a home on Vine or parallel parking because too many drivers are driving by too fast. Other frustrations are the idling of trucks early in the morning and litter left by drivers who temporarily park to have a bite and throw their litter on the street. TPS is at Public Storage almost every afternoon ticketing the illegal right turners, which suggests too many people are using the street as a shortcut. Traffic calming should be introduced and no left from Vine onto Keele (eastbound) (too dangerous), although I also love to see no right turns onto Vine from southbound keele to stop the shortcutting.

The city is growing in all aspects including traffic. I think all drivers should be cautious including myself. I don't see an issue with Topper's parking on Vine Ave.
Like Denise said, "it makes sense to use the dead space". Furthermore, I'm sure Topper is paying to use this lot and all monetary transactions contribute to help the local economy with taxes that go to pay for services like maintaining roads such as Vine Ave.

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