Turning Junction houses into stores


Above a Tokyo store with the approx built volume of Junction row house that is a compact and pleasant store. Can Junction houses be converted into stores such as those in other parts of the city – one example being the Yorkville area.

Maybe we need some transformation like Mirvish Village along a particular street, or could the Junction residents  request the city to allow retail in the lane ways (this authors preference) this would allow the a great amount of retail development in the Junction.

Mirvish Village

Melbourne’s (Australia) city laneways and arcades are the most sought-after retail space in the city, according to a CB Richard Ellis report – a retail agent . People  flock there, particularly to eat and drink, and more and more shop owners are scrambling to get in on the action. What about the Junction.


A Kensington Market cannot develop in the 905 because of zoning rules. Zoning has become an improvement killer by keeping out what the city calls undesirable. No mixed uses, no basement apartments, no, no, no.

It'll be more relevant if chain store gentrification happens on Dundas, pushing the rents higher than independent business owners can afford. But on Dundas the retail changes happen slowly because chain stores are drawn to the area north of the Canadian Pacific tracks.

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