Fancy A Pint This Weekend? What is a pub in the Junction?


Pubs… people in the Junction seem to passionate  about them. Does the Junction really have pubs and bars that are different from the rest of the city, or do we simply have integrations of the many types in the city?

Questions from a tea toddler

Is there a establishment that has a sensational treat, considered their specialty in the Junction

Is  chatting with the host of the particularly part of the |Junction pub experience

Do the Junction pubs have master mixologists at the helm, are we were plied with an innovative and tasty range of  drinks?

and food…

is their a pub that routinely is considered to have the best food?

is their a pub that routinely has the best music?


Axis have stepped up their game since the new owners came in. Better menu, better service, great atmosphere. A good all round "local spot"

In terms of Junction "pub identity," the long history of local option in the area means that there are few places which are purpose-built as bars (and those that were built as bars aren't being used as such). Converting old stores to bars isn't unqiue to the Junction, but the Junction does exemplify it well. Also, as there can't be any bars in the area over 15 years old, it means that the Junction bars are all relatively new, and therefore reflect the trends in bars/pubs from the last decade, giving them a bit of collective identity.

I find the service to be quite good at all the Junction spots. Smaller, more intimate places like Troubadour, Margret and Hole in the Wall facilitate atmosphere because they're so narrow. You end up being physically closer to the bartender, and that seems to spark conversation.

The sports bar Shox is probably the largest Junction spot, but Gus is very friendly and hands-on, so it often feels intimate, too. I gather that he developed connections in the neighbourhood through his efforts to overturn local option (as indicated on their placemats), and now frequently visits tables himself, offering to change channels on the tv.

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