Most interesting retail building in the Junction in terms of character

volks stote

In terms of character of use with a VW enthusiast specialist shop on the retail level and self promoting actor on the second this building has some real character.


This place is hilarious. I've always wondered what professional procurator was!!!??? 😀 😀 Go Raul!

Raul used to live in parkdale. I remember the same window mock up around King/Dufferin.

His story is that he's an old perv. I don't know if you've noticed but he puts posters up on poles all over the area saying that he is looking for blonde women between 18-30 to TOUR with him. It says that they must be beautiful and talks about what a thespian he is.

In reality he is an 86 year old disillusioned and smelly (bad body odor) old man that stares at women on the bus. I would be very alarmed if I ever saw him talking to a child.

The posters are not cool. I try to rip them down whenever I see one. I'll try to keep one for the blog next time I see one.

Total creep show… beware junction women!!

I just bought a copy of the comic book "The Rable Of Downtown Toronto" which documents all of the crazy people in the downtown area. Raoul, the old pervert is featured in it!! The author mentions how Raoul dances on the corner of busy streets while thrusting his pelvis and using his index finger to represent a penis while yelling "suck it".

A great addition to our area! If I ran a scan of the page would the blog post it??

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