Brick repair at 200 Annette St.

The developer of the conversion of this church is beginning with brick  restoration.


They're up to more than just cleaning it seems. The chimney on the northeast corner of the building is being taken down right now. This particular feature isn't/wasn't especially visible from the street, but it's the first substantial alteration to the building, and suggests the conversion is officially underway.

We need to hear more from the West Toronto Historical Society for their take on these conversion projects.

A.R. – although not on the executive, I am fairly active volunteer with the WTJHS. We are keeping a very close eye on this one (as well as on 244 High Park).

Wearing the WTJHS hat, I filed paperwork with the city over the winter to up this building from heritage listing to designation. Despite their limited resources, feedback from Preservation Services has been positive so far, and I gather 200 Annette has been made a high priority – the feedback I've heard from the Board suggests that the designation is close.

The WTJHS supports the reuse of buildings, although there are some concerns with the proposed design in this case which the WTJHS is still considering, and which will have to be considered by Preservation Services. Right now the problematic element is that work is being done before the paperwork in the pipeline has been fully processed – it looks to me like the developers are skipping a step, as the building's heritage value is still under review.

I happen to know that the Preservation Panel has already contacted the City requesting immediate action, at least until the ongoing processes conclude (whatever that conclusion may be). If they haven't done so already, I suspect the WTJHS executive will soon do the same given the flurry of e-mails that were exchanged this afternoon.

Nothing speed up the process like a committee meeting.

What's the definition of a Giraffe? A horse designed by a committee.

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