2876 Dundas Street West what is ever happening

2876 Dundas Street West which has sat empty for how many years?…other than 2nd floor use for a interior design company, is simply too good of a retail space to sit empty.

The only speculation that this author can come up with is the owner is sitting on the building in anticipation for the building to rise in property value.


Step one: replace nasty black corrugated metal cladding. I wonder if this was once an attractive building that was poorly renovated, or if it was bland from day one.

If you look at the top half there may be a really nice art deco building underneath that crap.

That's a possibility. When I first saw the upper section, I thought it was some '80s veneer. It's also possible that there was a minor fire on the ground floor at one point, and the owner renovated the facade on the cheap.

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