Is the bike shop crowding the street?

Does the above create congestion on the sidewalk?

This bike shop on Dundas St west, regularly places alot of bikes on the sidewalk way, is it too much of a sidewalk take over or is the character it provides worth it. (A person I was walking with yesterday as I wove  a tot in stroller said the bikes provided some street character)

…to add some prospective here is a image of a street shop in Cario


I personally don't like it. The store inside is an absolute junk hole, stuff has been piling up there for what seems like 50 years. The bikes on the street don't led character, they just look really cluttered and add to the rundown aura of the Junction. Bike shop junk – please go away.

I've occasionally found that stretch difficult to walk down, especially when there are a couple of customers perusing the bikes and/or somebody working on a bike or changing a tire in front of the shop (which is pretty frequent).

There are now one or two more shops like this (though not as many bikes) on the south side of Dundas, between Annette and Indian Grove.

If the bikes were kept to the one side it wouldn't be too bad… it gets treacherous when they are piled on both sides of the sidewalk and in front of the neighbouring store with only a narrow corridor left to walk through.

That being said, I've noticed that the number of bikes at this store has been waning over the last few months so it may soon not be an issue.

Now, would anybody complain if the bikes were vegetables, flowers and fruit, I wouldn't?

Its about time someone said something about this. Does he have a permit to use the sidewalk as his personal bazaar?? Its getting ridiculous. I saw a woman with a stroller have to lift her child & stroller onto the street (close to traffic) to get around this man doing a deal with a person for one of his bikes. Its ridiculous

No, as to sell veg, flowers, and fruit I believe the business would be required to obtain a vendor's sidewalk permit.

YES, he does crowd the sidewalk, especially for those pushing a stroller, in a wheelchair, or with a bike of their own. Essentially, if two people have to break rank, and proceed single-file, THAT's a presumptuous use of public space. Plus, the bikes "on display" generally look like a pile of junk…market vibe or not.

yes it is crowding the street, BUT it makes people who are riding their bikes on the street stop and get off, which is a good thing.

Yes, he does crowd the sidewalk, and it looks trashy. On the note of people on cycling on sidewalks (which I think is what you were referring to, mcnotashark, there are so many people that do this in the Junction, right on the sidewalks of Dundas, usually men who look like they are over 45 years old, riding on bikes that are too small for them. They make elderly people, groups of people, parents with strollers, people with granny carts for laundry or shopping move on over. Its ridiculous

mcnotashark; If this is how the Junction is going to attract customers then businesses around here are in serious trouble.

Bikes with a wheel size less than 20" are legally allowed to be on the sidewalks, the age of the rider is not relevant.

That having been said, it is still the responsibility of both riders and pedestrians to be aware of their surrounding and be courteous and careful.

My two cents: Dogs on long leaches, or a person walking multiple dogs are just as big a nuisance and hazard as bikes on the sidewalk.

proof that the bike shop doesnt actually give a damn about cyclists (or anyone else)…he takes up all the city bike racks to lock his own rusting merchandise to. good luck finding a spot for YOUR bike. to say nothing of his ridiculous cluttering of the sidewalk. oh and if you find his display quaint ala some sort of european market, try reconciling that with his greedy pricing. this guy sucks..

This guy is an idiot, he doesn't care that others have to use the sidewalk. He's rude to people that come into his shop, I can imagine what he would tell someone if they asked him to move the clutter so as they can get through with a wheelchair or stroller. I've noticed he leaves junk out there even when he's closed, passes a cable lock through it all, maybe he owns part of the side walk or he's special.

I have had only good experiences with the gentleman at this shop. I like the bikes on the street, many of them are really funky. The Junction is becoming more like every other neighborhood, and loosing its cultural diversity which makes it an interesting and enlivened place to live. I don't want to live around people who all act the same and think the same, I like the different attitudes people project even if they seem gruff at times. This is someone who is trying to make a living and there seems to be a lot of activity at his shop which makes it vital. It disturbs me to hear people suggesting that those they don't like should leave the neighborhood, everyone has an equal right to be here. We wont get anywhere operating as a neighborhood on who likes who…

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