UPDATE ON HAND WELLS! …electricial manhole shocks from last year

Right now along Dundas St West Toronto Hydro is replacing the electric hand wells with new fiberglass non conductive hand wells in respond to last years electrified sidewalk  plates

Within the span of three months in early 2009 two dogs where electrocuted when they stepped on metal plates at the base of hydro poles in the Junction.

Both events took place on Keele street close to Annette. Apparently water seeps into the hole covered by the metal plate and if the sheathing that normally covers the wires has separated (due to our ageing infrastructure,amoung other factors) it can complete a circuit between the subterranean devices and the metal plate above.


Who is responsible for repairing the sidewalks Entera ripped up around the wells, or are we to accept and live with the asphalt that's been slapped down?

Junctioneer why didn't you post my comment & link to the BlogTO article about this exact issue? Whats your deal?

HI Theirry, do you have the link again when did u post it. i personally did nothing with it, do it again and i will post it

Tanya or Junctioneer;

Any chance we can be updated as to when the sidewalks will be repaired? Is this going to be a "long term' project or something that will actually come to fruition in the coming weeks? The sidewalks look terrible and I don't know what the point of the BIA beautifying the neighbourhood with flowers is if we allow contractors to rip up the sidewalk and leave them in disrepair for as long as they wish.

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