new ice cream shop in the Junction a needed option for the community

Ice cream as we recognize it today has been in existence for at least 300 years,  Though no one knows who invented ice cream, but  the junction is getting another cream shop located on the south side between Quebec and Clendenan Ave.

They will be serving Kawartha Dairy ice cream we are told


I must admit that I am a little bit TOO excited that an ice cream shop is opening. I do love Delight ice cream, but nothing beats a gold old fashioned ice cream like Kawartha. I only wonder how a business such as this will do in the Winter?

banana splits can be eaten any time of the year! besides, i believe Delight offers their ice cream year round.

I just can't wait. Hope they open this weekend! And yes, ice cream can be eaten any time of the year. Does anybody know when they plan to open?

Just went past and they must be opening very soon, looks near enough ready.

I think it is fair to say though that their sales will be down a bit in the winter but probably will still be ok. Who would buy an ice-cream and then walk along with it in -20. I am sure there is somebody though, saying that.

My wife and I stopped in while the new owners were setting things up a couple of days ago. The space looks fantastic: welcoming and simple, with a bright bay window at the front and not too many signs. The owners were really nice people. They offered us free samples, showed us around the shop and seemed really enthusiastic about joining the neighbourhood. Can't wait till they open. Sounds like it will be within the next couple of weeks.

Hi my name is Tracy the owner of ice cream junction
I'd just like to thank the community for all the support and warm welcomes we have received. We will be open holiday Monday, if anybody has any suggestion abut flavors or toppings please let us know. Again thanks

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