Breakfast at Easy

Breakfast at Easy restaurant, great music a few people, good service.

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Funny, the last SEVEN posts have been about Roncey/Roncey village and had nothing to do with the stated architectural nature of this blog. Time to call it the RoncyBlog??

I'm fun and I attempting to be able to post more as I am out on the streets everyday now.

Being able to post more was one of the two main reasons to buy the iphone the other being email access.

Hurray for the iPhone updates to this blog !….. As it is such a great blog, more frequent updates are very welcome… As i grew up for the 1st  of my 30 yrs near the junction…. I believe it makes sense to Incorporate the very great and wonderful nearby neighborhoods ….I mean how can someone not sense a certain communal  feeling living in one of the three communities(Junction,Roncy, Bloor west) that all share bordering  on the osasis that is  High  Park. It's nice to see this blog expand a bit to include more.

Indeed. Can we stick to the Junction and take the time to post coherently?
I don't see how the Roncey Ave streetcar laydown is of use to the blog unless Dundas/Annette are getting a line.

Thanks I am so busy, I got the iphone so I could update the site more often, and i also wanted to experience with a few daily photo essays while walking around the community.

thanks for the support.

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