Monarch Rd today from the Maple Leaf Mills site

This Road which has been abandoned for so long by the city is now visible. (but not useable)

To the left and right of the bottom image sat industrial buildings  about 15 years ago.

To the left was the Dominion Corrugated Company.

To the right was the repair building for the mill. The mill repair building has been gone for over twenty years. In the seventies this roadway was buzzing 24 hours a day.

It was incredibly dirty with the road caked with oil and grain.

Now with the entire mill site undergoing a revitalization, with a possible school and other high street elements, the area is being transformed in a great way.

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It's amazing that a road that was a hub for so much economic activity just a couple of decades ago looks almost like ancient ruins today. I wish we had preserved more industrial heritage here, particularly if it was repurposed.

School? High street elements? That sounds exciting. Keep us filled in.

Saturday morning I walked past the silos and was surprised to see their demolition in process! Along with the new condos, that will be a drastic change to the landscape.
A possible school??? I'm most intrigued. That would be an amazing transformation.
Please do keep us posted about the sites future.

I would suggest checking out the demolition and taking some photographs from the abandoned Monarch Road. (It's still listed on Google Maps.) Before, there was so much dirt and debris on the road, that it was tough to imagine what is was like when it was a real street surrounded by administrative buildings and the mill.

Now it's cleared and you can walk down it. The silos act almost like a view terminus. Monarch Road was a small street, and even today when most of the buildings and structures which once lined it are long gone, the way the silos dominate it makes it a unique stretch of road. It probably won't be that way for long because the silo that's closest to it being is demolished right now.

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