Todays election, more taxes please

well identifiable candidates running eh!

Today –Ward 13’ers will head to the polls and vote for the next Mayor and local councillor . For this blog, the choice is obvious: The person who is to spend the most, to lead our City. I know  that this  is going to shock you some of you. I know you may not agree and you are welcome to comment politely in the comments section.

Of course, the next question  begs –  spend on what? Well,  Road repairs and the and a much needed city restructuring. Importantly in our ward converting old police stations into daycares and community run a  center.  Give the Parks department more money to really built natural environmental parks rather than the small green oasis’s they can built with want little money  they have now.

The list can go on and on in this city, but generally we need “people city” builders of the new council.

Many may now be asking where the money to come from is. Well that is easy too… development taxes should increase as well as “special fees” for private mega projects… and if you think this turns investors and corporations away just look at the success Mississauga and Woodbridge have had with the method.

In addition residential taxes should rise primarily on single households (not condos) and more greatly on houses used as multiple rental units. Of course condos taxes should also be raised in a tired fashion according to value classification.

Why the levels, simply because single houses use more city services than condo owners and just gain more from the block of land and cubic space they use.


Do the right thing people, vote out Saundercook and bring in some new, much needed blood with Sarah Doucette.

Am I really reading this? For one your points are muted by the horrible grammar, spelling and punctuation. We all know where extra tax dollars go. Just look at Saundercook's spending record which this blog has done a nice job of hiding/discrediting. Google it, the information is out there. This post is infuriating.

hiding/discrediting no, simply the blog believes Bill is a good option for the ward.

As for the horrible grammar, spelling and punctuation, I am writing a beat blog –

Once again Bill did not choose the gazebo he empowered a community committee too, if you don't like it or what happens get on the next committee.

How about Saundercook's 'green campaign' in which he handed out brown compost bags with his name on it which was fine. What wasn't fine was that it was accompanied by a glossy colour printed page. How green! This morning on my way to work I notice that he's put multiple signs up in every empty lot and city land he could find. How green those signs are! (and sneaky)

So the community decide to put the gazebo directly outside his office?

I hope Sarah is elected today for the same reason I hope Smitherman is, to beat the other guy (in this case Saundercook and Ford). Bill has done nothing in his time since amalgamation beside live off the avails of his power in this ward.

Robert; when Bill goes, so does your direct link to our local Councillor….. what a shame….

There are bylaws governing placement of signs on vacant lots and public land, but I doubt there are ever enforced. You should feel free to remove signs placed in error by over-zealous campaign workers.

I wouldn't say I welcome more taxes, but I think the constant talk of massive spending cuts is naive at best and potentially destructive at worst. It's not like the reality on the ground is one where everything is overpolished; we have a road repair backlog that stretches into the hundreds of millions of dollars, a woefully inadequate subway and light rail network, poorly maintained schools and public spaces, an underfunded urban planning and heritage preservation department, ugly and unreliable overhead wires along streets and a lot more areas that need attention.

I hope that the new mayor and council will govern responsibly and aspire to run a city that works like that of Crombie instead of one that looks like it's running on fumes the moment you set foot on the street.

I agree A.R. new taxes are not nice, but i do not see any TO council bring development levies up to international standards to ward off new taxes.

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