Village by High Park overhead street hoarding comes down


After this just the purple plywood hoarding is left. After this the Junction will have its 1st new facade on west side of Keele St (North of Dundas)  in 50 years.


Wow the Junction 1st high-rise comes to the street.
Location:Keele St just North of  Dundas St W,Toronto,Canada


I wonder how succesful these retail units will be? Not many people walk by, and there’s no place to park. Perhaps a coffee/donut shop or dry cleaner servicing the building occupants?

I noticed there is a store opening next to Indian Kiss. judging by their sign it's a fruit/vegitable market. I hope so, that’s one thing the area lacks.

Junctioneer, I understand you are posting from the fly from your iphone but thats the norm these days. Please take a few seconds to proof what you are posting. Read your post on this topic out loud: " After this the Junction will it’s 1st new west side of Keele St (n of Dundas) new facade in 50 years."

You can make this blog so much better if you just take the time.

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