10:32pm Councillor Sarah Doucette requests public meeting with residents and park staff to view park plans


Vine Parkette Playground equipment public meeting coming up

attend the meeting have, have some input, have some fun

Councillor Sarah Doucette has just twittered  about a public meeting to review the park play equipment plans.

The blog will post the date when it gets the info


addition post outlining the issue with some good comments click here

A photo from the last changeover to the current toddler equip, local residents spread the chips.


thanks to Redmond on Vine I got the information for the meeting… it'll be in the park between 6:30 and 8pm on Wednesday July 6th… hope to see a lot of people out to discuss what is – according to the councilors office – a done deal. I was apparently supposed to get the specifics about when the meeting would be from her office but got it instead from a neighbor… very happy to have it confirmed… I will try and post some signs tomorrow in the park… isn't there supposed to be a Vine Avenue street sale tomorrow??

It is disapointing to hear evidence of communication issues between Sarah Doucette's office and the community. We will definately be there to voice our concerns about "this done deal" Yes, apparently some are doing yard sales tomorrow.

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